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Message From Our CEO

Indiana Regional Medical Center celebrated its 106th anniversary in 2020. It's an incredible accomplishment to remain one of the few independent healthcare providers in the state, and that couldn't happen without the commitment and hard work of our doctors, nurses, support staff, volunteers, board members and you.

Over our 106 years, it would be immeasurable to calculate the difference that this hospital—which became a regional medical center in 2002—has made in the quality of life of the citizens of Indiana County and beyond. We've been caretakers for their health and well-being, and business stewards for the economic impact the medical center has had on the region. It's nothing to be taken for granted, and as we move forward, the number of community hospitals is going to dwindle. We believe we're in a very unique position to try to maintain that community ownership here, but it's going to become rare. It is a blessing to the community.

Indiana is an incredible community. We're so fortunate to live in an area where it's so beautiful. It's not an urban setting, but it has a nice blend of people and business. As a former Chamber of Commerce president, I had the opportunity to interact with all the great businesses that are out there providing jobs and growing our county. We believe the hospital is a very important part of that economic development as well. If you don't have a first-class acute care hospital, it's going to be very difficult to recruit and retain future business—especially if you aren't delivering babies, taking care of children and providing care to all segments of our population.

In our unique case, it's not about shareholders. This hospital is owned and run by the community. It is your hospital.


Stephen A. Wolfe, President & CEO

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