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Journey to LEAN 12-Week Weight-Management Course

Journey To LEAN (Lifelong Exercise And Nutrition) 12-week in-person weight-management course

The first session is on Wednesday, January 18.

In your 12-week's with our team, you will receive:

  • Pre and Post Biometric screenings (weight, waist measurement, body fat, blood pressure and BMI)
  • Personalized eating plan
  • Accountability groups
  • Education and discussion led by professional experts
  • Face-to-Face instruction, weekly weigh-ins and group exercise
  • One on one session with our IUP Dietetic Intern (optional)

The first step in your weight loss journey in 2023! Registration is required.

$150 per person for 12-week course. Please plan to attend all 12 weeks, as instruction will build upon each week.