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CareSelect Imaging Open Access Portal

Access the CareSelect Imaging Open Access Portal

The CareSelect Imaging Open Access Portal is a web version of the National Decision Support Company's qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism, which enables the use of Appropriate Use Criteria. The intention of the Open Access Portal is to provide all ordering providers with access to clinical decision support (CDS), regardless of access to an EMR integrated CDS solution. The Open Access Portal enables providers to fulfill the Protecting Access to Medicare Act legislative requirement that a CDS consultation must be done at the point of ordering for all high-tech imaging orders. The Open Access Portal does not use protected health information in any form.

To access the CareSelect Imaging Open Access Portal for the first time, go to and register for an account. To register, you will provide basic information, including your name, NPI, email, etc. Once your registration is complete, you will be able to log in to the application.

To access the CareSelect Imaging Open Access Portal after registration, go to and enter the username and password created during your initial registration.

Clinical definitions to impact coding

This is a resource to help define medical terms that impact coding and therefore severity of illness. It is also a quick reference guide to clinical indicators and associated terminology that must be documented to capture patient severity and justify resource use.

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