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COVID-19 Response Volunteers

Many members of our community have asked how they can help in the response to COVID-19. This spirit of volunteerism reflects a strength of character and commitment to serving others. We truly appreciate all who want involved as we face this critical time.

IRMC is establishing a volunteer database in the event that a larger, community response to COVID-19 is required in the future. To be added to our registry, please complete the online COVID-19 volunteer application.

By providing your information, you are indicating your willingness to volunteer your time and skills. Applying does not guarantee that you will be called upon, nor does it mean that you must participate if called. If you are called to volunteer, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the specific commitment and responsibilities.

During the application, you will be asked to enter information regarding the best way to contact you, any active licenses or certifications, and other relevant background data. All required information must be completed within the application. Once finished, prior to your application being approved, your license (if applicable) will be verified, as well as a background check.

Volunteer now!

Volunteer Roles

Volunteers will be matched with a need based on skills, availability, and licensure/credential.

  • Medical professionals (MD and DO)
  • Nursing professionals (RN and LPN)
  • Respiratory care professionals
  • Other healthcare professionals/direct care support
  • Administrative/Clerical Support
  • Logistical Support (Meal Delivery, Cleaning)

Safety Guidance for Volunteers

The health and safety of volunteers is an important priority. All volunteers must follow CDC current guidelines. Do not volunteer if you are currently ill or if you have a chronic health condition, including lung disease, moderate to severe asthma, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, cancer or a weakened immune system.

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