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All About Me in 2023

The experts at IRMC are here to make your health a priority. We will provide screenings, risk assessments, and health information each month. Visit often to find out what's new for you!

"All about ME in 2023" is all about taking time for YOU! All events are FREE!


Ahead of Time: Lung Cancer

If you think you are at risk for lung cancer, act ahead of time and talk to your healthcare provider about your concerns. You may be eligible for a low-dose lung CT scan.


Time is Brain: Stroke Awareness

When it comes to stroke, time lost can mean brain lost. Learn about the signs, symptoms and prevention of stroke.


Track Time: Prostate Screening

Men, is it time for your annual prostate screening or your annual PCP visit? Join us for a free screening.


Take Time: Skin Cancer Screening

Take time to care for the largest organ in your body with a free skin cancer screening by dermatologist Dr. Therese Wilson.


Life Time: Back to School Wellness

Complete the “IRMC Back to School Checklist” and bring to the IRMC booth at the Indiana County fair for a special gift!


Stitch in Time: Joint Replacement Surgery

Considering a knee or hip replacement? Suffering from chronic pain? Learn about IRMC’s surgical options with Mako SmartRobotics.


Saving Time: Breast Cancer Awareness

Save a bit of time on your schedule for a breast exam and mammogram and join us for various events this month.


Now is the Time: Diabetes Education Seminar

It’s American Diabetes Month! Get your Diabetes under control, or help a loved one manage theirs.


Family Time: OB/Gyn

Meet and greet with our obstetricians at a local coffee shop.

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