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Happy retirement to two local physicians

Community news | Monday, December 21, 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, we would like to congratulate and thank two well-known physicians.

Dr. J. Lindsay Parks

Dr. Parks has served our community and the Marion Center area for over 43 years as a family medicine physician. Dr. Parks says, "It has been my pleasure and honor to serve the community. I feel blessed to have met so many great people and develop lifelong friendships with numerous patients."

Dr. Parks' practice partner, Dr. Julie Kang-DeRosa, will continue to welcome new patients at the office located in Mahoning Medical Center. Jennifer McDivitt, CRNP will begin at the office in January 2021. Both are welcoming new patients.

Dr. Joseph Ambrose

After more than forty years serving the Indiana Community as an internal medicine physician, Dr. Ambrose is retiring. "I have shared both joy and heartache with my patients and will cherish those memories into retirement," Dr. Ambrose says. "It is with the greatest confidence that Indiana will be in good hands for the years to come with my highly qualified colleagues affiliated with IRMC Physician Group."

Jennifer McDivitt, CRNP will continue to care for Dr. Ambrose's patients at 100 Christy Park Drive in Indiana, and William Mueller, MD will join the practice in early 2021.

Current and new patients

Please know that all of your medical records are safely on file and remain confidential as per federal law. If you decide to take on a new physician outside of our practice, you can follow the traditional routes to have your records transferred.

To schedule an appointment as a new patient, please call 888.452.4762.

Current patients with an upcoming appointment already scheduled are recommended to call so we can ensure your care is seamlessly transitioned.

Best wishes

Both physicians are set to retire on December 31, 2020.
We wish both Dr. Parks and Dr. Ambrose good health and happiness in their retirement!