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Hospital Policy Changes

Hospital news | Monday, April 3, 2023

IRMC has updated our COVID-19 policies to remain in-line with current CDC recommendations. Several considerations have led to making changes to policies and physical changes that were put into place due to the pandemic.

"We will continue precautions with patients with possible and confirmed COVID-19, and also will support the decisions of individuals and areas that decide to have stricter masking policies based on considerations of at-risk populations, inability to socially distance due to space limitations, etc. Additionally, it must be stressed that to keep our patients safe, employees should not come to work sick, but call Employee Health," stated Dr. Richard Neff, Chief Medical Officer at IRMC

The below policy applies to our employees, physicians, patients, students, contractors, visitors and volunteers and is subject to change in the event that COVID-19 trends change significantly.

Effective Monday, April 3, 2023, IRMC will:

• Face masks are not required (unless you have an upper respiratory illness)
• Visitors are permitted in the IRMC Cafe
• Visitors ages 2 and above are welcome
• Visitors permitted in COVID+ areas (must wear proper PPE)
• In-person events and meetings without restriction

• Universal masking policy
• Monoclonal antibody clinic
• COVID testing upon hospital admission (Unless showing COVID symptoms or an exposure to someone with COVID)
• Meeting room capacity

• Isolation for COVID+ patients and proper PPE
• Unvaccinated employees should social distance
• Employees must not report to work if feeling ill
• Employees should call 724.357.7051 if feeling ill
• Wear higher level of PPE if desired
• Allow restrictions in specific offices/departments based on Medical Director specific area considerations
• Masking is recommended if an area is seeing a high number of sick patients