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Total Ankle Arthroplasty Now Offered at IRMC

Total Ankle Arthroplasty Now Offered at IRMC

Hospital news | Thursday, February 17, 2022

Last week, IRMC Foot and Ankle Surgeons Drs. Jassie McGovern and Nihar Ghate performed the first total ankle arthroplasty in one of IRMC’s state-of-the-art operating rooms.

“Surgical reconstruction is a game changer for people with ankle arthritis. Ankle arthritis is a painful condition that really limits a patient’s ability to do simple tasks like taking your dog outside or getting in and out of the car,” says McGovern. “By undergoing a total ankle reconstruction, or arthroplasty, the patient’s range of motion is increased by more than 70%.

The first patient to undergo a total ankle arthroplasty at IRMC was able to go home the next day and is recovering right on schedule.

“Just like with total knee and hip replacements, advancements in technology allow for the ankle replacement to be custom fit and tailored to each individual patient,” says Ghate. This customization allows for better range of motion, reduced pain, and a quicker healing time to get back to doing every
day activities.

While total ankle arthroplasty is not for everyone, the IRMC Foot and Ankle Surgery team can assess you to see if you are a candidate.