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Virtual Visits

It is our goal to keep patients and their family members connected and to assist patients in placing video calls to their family members.

While some patients bring their own smartphones or tablets, some do not, and in those cases, patients can schedule time to use IRMC's on-site devices. After each use, devices are properly cleaned by IRMC staff. "It helps our patients feel connected to the outside world," said Mark Richards, Chief Growth Officer at IRMC. "Staying connected with loved ones while receiving care is vital to our patients' health and well-being."

Patients can also use the in-room telephone to call and connect with their loved ones.

Please speak to your nurse or your loved ones about using an IRMC tablet. Our team would be happy to facilitate.

Connecting remotely: options for visiting virtually with family and friends

Staying connected with loved ones while you receive care is vital to your health and well-being.

Many phones, tablets and computers have free and easy ways to communicate with your friends and family by video, voice or text. If you do not have access to a personal device, you can use the in-room telephone to call and connect with loved ones or ask your nurse to facilitate using an IRMC tablet when one is available. They are happy to assist you.

How to connect using your personal device

If your smartphone, tablet or computer has a camera, there is a good chance you have an app already installed to connect with your loved ones virtually. You and the person you are trying to connect with must use the same app. Common apps are FaceTime (Apple devices) and Google Duo (Android devices).

If your personal device has a camera but does not have FaceTime or Google Duo, you can download one of the apps below to connect via video, voice or text:

The person you are connecting with outside of IRMC must have the same compatibility (and have a camera) or download the same app. We recommend you download the Zoom app, or visit

Our staff can speak to the person you wish to connect with and instruct them on the necessary steps.

Connect to the Wi-Fi on the "IRMC-GUEST" network

Start up your device and enter the address of any website. You'll be redirected to a page where you must click "accept." Or go to your device settings, select Wi-Fi and choose "IRMC-GUEST." You will be redirected to a page; click "accept."

Send a card

If you are unable to connect virtually, let your loved one know you’re thinking of them by sending them a “Cheer Card”. Cheer cards are FREE and delivered to patient rooms by IRMC staff. Click the button below to select a category for your card and personalize a message.

Send a Card

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