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Save up to 13% on out-of-pocket medical expenses with AblePay Health!

AblePay is a NO-COST program (not a credit card) that allows you to save on out-of-pocket medical expenses (copays, deductibles, and coinsurance). All IRMC patients are automatically accepted into the program, without credit checks.

AblePay works with any primary health insurance, and you can add anyone to your AblePay account you are willing to be financially responsible for. The program provides flexible payment terms (all with savings or 0% interest), and you decide what option meets your financial needs on every bill.

If you ever have a question, AblePay advocates are available to help you navigate the billing process.

How It Works

You can easily enroll in a few minutes by providing your demographic information, adding anyone you want to be financially responsible for, and choosing your default payment method and term. We can assist with any unpaid bills, and you can upload a copy during enrollment.

Once enrolled, you will receive an AblePay Health card for yourself and anyone tied to your account. If you upload a current bill for processing, we will notify IRMC and process the bill through AblePay.

During your next visit, you may be asked to verify or present your primary health insurance and AblePay cards. IRMC will enter AblePay as a secondary (or tertiary) payer to process all your out-of-pocket medical claims.

Once your primary insurance processes the claim (you will still receive your EOB from your insurance provider), your payment responsibility is sent to AblePay. We will notify you when a claim is received. You will have five days to decide which payment option works for your current financial situation. All your bills will be paid using our convenient member portal.

We have created a web page specifically for IRMC patients to start saving with AblePay!

Visit AblePay Website

Contact AblePay with any questions at (484) 292-4000 or

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