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Toxicology Lab

At Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC), our toxicology lab provides high-quality specialty testing services for physician offices, substance abuse addiction and recovery centers, and other health care facilities.

We are fully accredited and licensed through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

We perform thousands of tests per year and our results are confirmed by regular inspections and proficiency tests.

Our services

We provide tests that providers or insurance companies may require for medication compliance monitoring in patients, such as those being treated for chronic pain. We also offer tests that detect the presence of illicit drugs.

Tests include:

  • Urine toxicology (EIA) drug screening.
  • Urine confirmation tests testing using LCMS. This test gives a very specific quantitative result.

We test for more than 30 drug classes, including drugs like spice, synthetic stimulants and fentanyl that a lot of other reference labs don't test for. We'd be happy to provide you with a comprehensive list.

Our lab facilities and team

All toxicology samples are tested on site, not at a reference lab located out of state. Results are typically ready in less than 36 hours.

Built in 2019, our lab features the latest equipment. Our modern extraction method allows us to obtain quantitative results on just a very small urine sample.

The lab is staffed by a highly trained team. This includes quality managers, lab supervisors and technicians, and a lab director who is HCLD (high-complexity clinical lab director) certified.

Our team prides itself on providing great customer service. For instance, physicians can call the lab directly and speak to a member of our testing staff. Not all large reference labs can offer the same level of service.

Contact us

For more information about our services, please call 724.465.4319. Or send an email to

We accept all insurances.

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