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Choose the right solution for you

Feel more secure at home or on the go with one of our proven medical alert services.

At home

HomeSafe Standard

Our standard medical alert system helps you maintain your independence in and around the home.

HomeSafe gives you the confidence to continue moving about your home as you normally would with the reassurance of having quick access to help if you encounter an emergency.

  • Wear your waterproof help button as an adjustable necklace or on your wrist like a bracelet or watch.
  • With a simple push of your Lifeline help button, you'll be quickly connected to our response center for 24/7 assistance.
  • You decide how you would like to be helped—by a neighbor, a loved one or emergency services.

HomeSafe with AutoAlert

With the added layer of protection of AutoAlert, this is an excellent choice for those with a history, risk or fear of falling.

HomeSafe with AutoAlert can help you continue to live on your own terms. This proven medical alert service with AutoAlert is designed to detect many types of falls and get you access to help quickly.

  • AutoAlert automatically places a call for help if it detects a fall and you can't push your help button.
  • If a fall is detected, it's designed to get you 24/7 access to help, even if you are disoriented, immobilized or unconscious.
  • In a fall or emergency, every second counts. That's why more than 300,000 seniors have relied on AutoAlert to feel safe at home.

On the go

GoSafe with AutoAlert

If you lead an active lifestyle, choose our premium service, which allows you the freedom to go where you want, when you want.

As important as it is to feel safe at home, that feeling should not end when you head out the door. GoSafe with AutoAlert provides access to help both inside your home and out.

  • It's the only mobile system with up to six advanced location technologies designed to help find you in an emergency.
  • The lightweight, waterproof button allows direct two-way voice communication with a Lifeline response associate 24/7.
  • The AutoAlert feature can automatically call for help if it detects a fall at home or on the go.
  • No long-term contract.
  • No cancellation service fees.
  • No landline phone needed (wireless communicator available).

There is no waiting list, and installation can generally be scheduled within two business days. To apply for Lifeline services or to learn the fees for different services, contact the Lifeline department.

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