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Presurgical Testing and Education

The Pre-Surgical Testing & Education Center at Indiana Regional Medical Center is designed to assess your health status and prepare you for a positive surgical outcome. Patient safety is our ultimate goal. To avoid a delay or cancellation of your surgery, we must ensure all necessary tests, consultations and education are complete. Some patients may need further testing or a referral to a specialist prior to surgery. This ensures that a patient is in the best condition possible prior to surgery.

Patients will have the opportunity to discuss how to prepare for the upcoming surgery and what is expected for a successful experience. Your medical condition and type of surgery will determine if a visit to our center is necessary. If not, a personal phone interview with a preoperative nurse will be conducted.

Communication is a priority for a positive surgical outcome. We will communicate with your family physician and other specialists if necessary. We also encourage you to be an active participant in your care.

Pre-Surgical COVID-19 Testing

Effective Monday, April 4, 2022 testing before a procedure will no longer be required, unless you or a family member are symptomatic.

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